Kazakhstan Ambassador Erzhan Kazykhanov in Scottsdale

Kazakhstan Ambassador Erzhan Kazykhanov in Scottsdale
05 Dec 2018 by Doug Bruhnke

A special thank you to Hugh Hallman for supporting the visit by Kazakhstan Ambassador Erzhan Kazykhanov to metro Phoenix! Also thank you to Rep. Tony Rivero for his leadership with bringing international leaders to AZ.

There were a number of good meetings in the area capped off by a dinner hosted arranged by PCFR. At that dinner, Hugh hosted leaders from Global Chamber! Thank you!

The dinner was wonderful! Guests included Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane and Councilwoman Suzanne Klapp, plus AZ House Representative Tony Rivero, who was also instrumental in bringing the Ambassador to AZ. We're pleased to support the international initiatives to bring more foreign visitors to the region.

See below for some photos of the event. More thanks to our attendees... including Mike Patterson of Spencer Fane, asking a question below! And Tatiana Shcherbinina of Ruspan Communications with the Ambassador and our HQ associate Andy Cho.

Thanks to all our attendees for taking the time. It was fascinating to hear about what's happening in Kazakhstan including their complex relationship with Russia and China.

Fun facts... China's President Ji has met with the leader of Kazakhstan 7 times this year. How's that for strategic importance?

And we confirmed that Hugh Hallman speaks with his hands (see below). 

The prize to the one traveling the furthers to attend... Kimberly Millier, who drove up from Mexico! Dedication!

Our attendees... I think I got them all...

1) Hugh Hallman - Berry Riddell and Hallman & Affiliates P.C.

2) Mike Langley - Global Chamber Phoenix

3) Susan Shultz - The Board Institute

4) Bill Papazian - Lightstone Solutions

5) Vartenin Papazian - Lightstone Solutions

6) Suzanne Klapp - City of Scottsdale

7) Kimberly Millier - JKM Business Consultant and Grand Canyon University

8) Leighton Weston - Creditsafe

9) Tatiana Shcherbinina - Ruspan Communications

10) Vinayak Gupta - Zero Mass Water

11) Karen Bottesch - Bank of America

12) Marc Pierce - Lee & Associates

13) Jovan Israel - Creditsafe

14) Dana Pack - Fogco

15) Michael Gossie - AZ Big Media

16) Andy Seung Hyun Cho - Global Chamber

17) Mel Sanderson - Freeport McMoRan

18) Joel Barthelemy - GlobalMed (earlier session)

19) Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber