Rest In Peace Good Friend

Rest In Peace Good Friend
04 Sep 2018 by Doug Bruhnke

It was a privilege being invited by the McCain family to attend the Celebration of Life Service this week representing my home country of El Salvador and as Executive Director of the Consular Corps of Arizona .
Senator McCain visited El Salvador five times with Presidents Reagan, Bush father and son, and President Obama.
When I asked him  on several occasions what he liked the best of the country, he always remarked ... "the hearts of the people."

Meeting Larry Fitzgerald  and listening to his eulogy remarks that were powerful  brought to my mind the recent Fountain Hills local elections

In our community. There is no reason why the anger factor and sometimes hatred in our community can’t be nullified so we can all work together for a better and higher level of excellence and tranquility in our community.

Throughout all of the eulogies delivered the clear message was for a better world full of friendship a stronger level of compromise and respect to one another .

Clearly we are not the only community that unfortunately suffers from the hostility of some residents, but now is the time to change and create a new beginning .

It was an honor to attend the services of an individual who always respected and supported the 1.8 million Latinos in the State of Arizona and on behalf of Consular Corps of Arizona,


Rest In Peace good friend.


Enrique Melendez

Honorary Consul of El Salvador


Executive Director 

Consular Corps of Arizona