• 30 Dec 2015 by Doug Bruhnke

    Hi, I’m Doug Bruhnke, Executive Director of Global Chamber® Phoenix and Tucson, along with being the founder/CEO of Global Chamber®. Our mission is to extend your business reach to over 500 metropolitan areas around the world.

    Eight years ago a person from a famous Arizona family stood up in a meeting in downtown Phoenix and spoke against foreigners because they "take away our jobs", and the rest is history. The next day I created "Arizona International Growth Group" (AZIGG) and after there were tens of thousands of people interested in the what we were doing, Global Chamber was formed... expanding out to 525 metro areas around the world.

    Global Chamber is the only organization in the world that helps companies grow beyond all borders - from every metro area into all other metro areas, collaborating with regional organizations around the globe to build new opportunities for them and their community.

    Contact me directly to learn more about how you can grow your business from and to metro Phoenix through global connections and our business services.

    Looking forward to working with you to grow globally!


    All the best, Doug Bruhnke

    Executive Director, Global Chamber Phoenix