• 12 Aug 2016 by Doug Bruhnke

    What a special event we were treated to as Jaime Daddona of Squire Patton Boggs moderated a panel of amazing global leaders, who all happen to be women. Thank you to Jaime and Squire Patton Boggs, and to all our leaders on the panel... and in the audience. Truly inspiring!

    "The biggest opportunity comes from unexpected places. See what others have missed and seize the opportunity." - Racquel Moses, President of InvestTT

    Cross border business is a wonderful opportunity for leaders of all genders to grow business. The opportunity is OUT THERE.... and it takes courage, smarts and perseverance to find, capture and secure it. These global leaders discussed how they're doing it,.. along with the challenges that still exist.

    One thing for sure... we're going to schedule another meeting like this again soon. I appreciate everyone's enthusiasm, feedback and ideas. And special thanks to Racquel Moses calling in from Trinidad & Tobago via skype.

    Our next public meeting in Phoenix is the Grow Globally Fair on September 20th. Hoping many of you can join us for that as well. There are other member and collaborator events coming up as well. See those in Phoenix, Trinidad & Tobago and globally.

    For more on our amazing speakers, see below for photos and bios. Thank you!




















    - Jaime Daddona, Partner at Squire Patton Boggs


    - Susan Shultz, President at SSA Executive Search & CEO at The Board Institute

    - Racquel Moses, President at InvestTT Trinidad & Tobago

    - Lisa Kocks, Business Development Manager at Vi Technology

    - Kellie Kreiser, Executive Director at Thunderbird for Good

    - Anita Verma-Lallian, Director at Vermaland

    - Salli Marinov, Past President of First American Stock Transfer

    - Dawn Nagle, Executive Director of MPEXA (Metro Phoenix Export Alliance


    Short Bios

    Jaime Daddona was recently named as a 40 under 40 rising leader by the Phoenix Business Journal and more recently as 2016 Az Most Influential Women. Jaime's legal practice focuses on corporate matters, with an emphasis on mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, commercial transactions, securities offerings and compliance, and corporate governance. She has a diverse transactional and corporate counseling practice representing public and private companies in strategic transactions, working closely with boards of directors and senior managers on governance matters, managing debt and equity investments, and drafting and negotiating supply, distribution and other commercial agreements. Jaime’s transactions regularly involve cross-border, multi-disciplinary teams..

    Susan Shultz founded SSA Executive Search International, Ltd. in 1981, and has conducted senior level searches nationally and internationally, specializing in building and structuring corporate boards. SSA is partnered with INAC Global with offices in 42 countries. In 2002, Susan founded The Board Institute, Inc., to improve boards of directors through a suite of web-based, independent tools to help directors evaluate, educate and benchmark their boards, committees and individual directors. Before establishing SSA, Susan led a marketing firm, an import-export company, and was a consultant/media director for many U.S., state and federal political campaigns. She was a columnist and investigative reporter for Phoenix Magazine for 15 years and had 4 books published including a #1 worldwide bestseller. Earlier Susan served as Legislative Assistant to Rep. William E. Brock. Along the way Susan also led the Phoenix Committee on Foreign Relations (PCFR) for over 16 years.

    Racquel Moses is the President of InvesTT Trinidad and Tobago and 1st Vice President of the Caribbean Association of Investment Promotion Agencies. Prior to these leadership roles she was the founder and Managing Director of iDaedle, a multinational sales, marketing and strategy consulting firm headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica. Her career began as a paralegal in Atlanta, Georgia managing municipal bond issuances exceeding 500 Million USD. Subsequently Racquel has held executive-level positions at large multinational organizations, including JP Morgan Chase (Atlanta), Cable & Wireless (Jamaica), and Fujitsu (Jamaica). Racquel is on the advisory board of Global Chamber Trinidad & Tobago, and also currently serves on the Board of Jamaica Education Television, a project aimed at improving the educational achievement of Caribbean children through the use of technology.

    Lisa Kocks is an international business development leader with extensive global business experience and a track record for developing effective, creative and culturally diverse sales and distribution strategies. In days when few women were business leaders, even fewer were international liaisons, Lisa was the driving force behind a high performance environment in the global electronics industry, paving the way for many young women for international business success. She opened an office in Singapore where she raised three children while introducing new products that successfully established regional business. Lisa now works for Vi Technology based in Grenoble, France, well known as the French Silicon Valley. Vi Technology is a world leader in vision inspection technology, A graduate of Georgetown University, she studied French, German and Chinese, including programs at the Sorbonne in France and the Mandarin Training Center in Taiwan. Lisa believes we are all lifelong learners and lucky to exchange experiences with all we meet on life's paths.

    Kellie Kreiser oversees Thunderbird’s social impact business education programs as Executive Director of Thunderbird for Good. A Thunderbird alumna, Kellie joined the School in 2005 and created the Thunderbird for Good initiative from its infancy. Thunderbird for Good leverages the school’s expertise in international business to provide learning experiences for non-traditional students who utilize business and management skills to fight poverty, secure peace and improve living conditions in their communities. Kellie administers the design, fund-raising, and implementation of business training programs that have already taught over 110,000 people globally. In-country program operations have been established in Afghanistan, Peru and Chile, while programs based in the United States have served students from 60 different countries from regions such as the Middle East, South America, Central Europe, South Asia and the South Pacific. Kellie has created partnerships with leading organizations in both public and private sectors including Freeport McMoRan Inc., Goldman Sachs, the Inter-American Development Bank, and the U.S. Department of State. Kellie is a Member of the Clinton Global Initiative.

    Anita Verma-Lallian has been in leadership at Vermaland from an early age. Vermaland was founded by her father and has become one of the largest private land owners in Arizona. Their mission is to procure high quality parcels of land for uses ranging from commercial, residential, and agricultural developments, plus utility scale renewable energy projects. Anita holds a BS in Business Administration from the University of Arizona and an MBA from the University of Southern California. Her prior work experience includes working for global companies Honeywell, Boeing and American Express. By 2008, Anita moved full-time into the family business where she leveraged her solar industry knowledge and contacts to head the solar division within Vermaland, entering into agreements with over 25 solar developers. Anita is active in the community, forming the Verma Charitable Foundation with her sister Jennifer, which sponsors student scholarships and a proposed religious retreat center. Anita was named as one of the Most Influential Women in Commercial Real Estate by AZRE in 2014, she was one of the "Women Who Move the Valley" for Arizona Foothills in 2015, and her story was the cover page and lead article for So Scottsdale in April of 2014.

    Salli Marinov is currently the Founder and Past President of the Arizona Business Council (ABC) that focuses on assisting revenue-producing companies to break the glass ceiling of traditional financing, reach their next level of growth, develop exit strategies, and improve their financial value overall by using and keeping resources currently found in Arizona.. Until April of 2016, she was President/CEO of First American Stock Transfer, which was acquired in 2015 by an affiliate of American Stock Transfer & Trust LLC in New York. Salli has 30+ years of experience in the securities industry and 8.5 years as a member of the U.S. Navy stationed in both Hawaii and Spain. Upon leaving the military she became a probation officer with Maricopa County Superior Court acting as a liaison between the individual and the Court system. Throughout her employment in the government sector she acquired a first-hand understanding of the need for compliance while never quite losing her entrepreneurial ability to think “outside the box”. She is author of The Practical Guide For the Transfer of U.S. Equity Securities.

    Dawn Nagle is Executive Director for MPEXA, Metro Phoenix Export Alliance. MPEXA collaborates with metro Phoenix stakeholders such as Global Chamber Phoenix to support the development of an export-driven economy. Dawn has more than 20 years of experience in international trade and global sales. Throughout her career she has helped companies leverage technologies, develop programs and build strategic alliances to become more competitive in the global market. She has worked as the Trade Commissioner with the Canadian Consulate in Phoenix where she championed for increased global trade in bioscience, healthcare, and information technology.




  • 11 Dec 2016 by Doug Bruhnke

    We’ve heard that ‘globalization is dead’.

    Not exactly. Businesses around the world are capturing more and more opportunity every minute of every day. By the time you read this post, millions of dollars of cross-border trade will be transacted. Business marches on everywhere.

    And so if some companies think globalization is ending and pull back, then companies from another country will take their place. Pretty simple.

    Oh, globalization is marching on, even if it looks a little different than it did last year.

    This was one of the issues discussed at the visit by British Consul General Chris O'Connor to Arizona last week. He visited Phoenix and Tucson to discuss UK opportunities post EU-Referendum.

    The Consul General was quite clearly optimistic about the future. 'The End' is not near, and in fact, there's plenty of reasons to feel that opportunities are increasing. After all, global business continues undeterred, and so cross-border business continue, too.

    What’s pretty cool is that Global Chamber® has a worldwide system across 525 metro regions that touches every city, town and company in the world. We’re making it easier for you to grow from here to the metro across the state line or the country border.

    It’s hard to know what opportunities are the best, the most reliable and the ones that pay. And so Global Chamber® supplies a lot of that information directly and indirectly – through members, connections and collaborators… and then we connect you.

    No matter what globalization looks like in 2017 and beyond, business will continue to grow... and we'll be there. How about you?

    Thanks to Hank Marshall, Honorary Consul to the U.K. in Arizona for his arrangement and moderation of the event.

    Thanks to many in the global tribe for attending! Good discussion!

    Watch for more in 2017.

  • 19 Feb 2016 by Doug Bruhnke

    Wow! That was global!

    Globies 1 through 4 (Mesa Mayor John Giles, Gilbert Mayor John Lewis, Surprise Mayor Sharon Wolcott and Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton) wowed a full house at DIRTT with an inspiring 2016 International State of the Metro. We got it all... reality, progress, inspiration... and a sense that we're moving forward fast, together.

    It takes a village, and a village of villages... and the collaboration between businesses and regional governments, and between cities and towns and Phoenix, is moving the needle on the international stage. As we learned, the bios for these Mayors may not include very much international content today, but their work and weekly activities is more and more filled with global business, including accomplishments already registered. Phoenix metro has come a long way in the 9 years of this event.

    Thank you Hank Marshall for both his work over the years to get us to this point, and for this specific event. Hank is globie #5, and #1 in our hearts!

    Thank you DIRTT for hosting this amazing event. You're amazing!

    Thanks too to all our members... you're all globies! Not yet a member of Global Chamber? Join HERE and be a globie, too!

    Read more from the event from attendee Eric Toll of the Business Journal... "Why some East Valley companies make more profit". Hint: they're global.

    Below are some pictures from the event, and you can see more on the Global Chamber Phoenix Facebook page.

    Our next event is March 23rd with speakers including Kyle Walker (Green Card Fund) on Increasing Foreign Direct Investment. Register HERE.

    Thank you! Contact me, Doug Bruhnke.

    Hank Marshall, Mayor Wolcott, and our full house at DIRTT...

    The All-Star Mayors from Phoenix, Gilbert, Surprise and Mesa... moving forward globally and regionally...

    Mayor Stanton, and Global Chamber Hermosillo Executive Director Luis Nunez (right)...

    Cross-border collaboration - Global Chamber Hermosillo (Luis), City of Phoenix (Hank) and Global Chamber...


  • 17 Nov 2016 by Doug Bruhnke

    With all the revelations about fake news, including that Americans may have actually clicked on more 'fake' news links online than real news over the past few months, the truth is more important... and elusive... as ever.

    And so the video we're sharing here attempts to correct some of the damage caused by misunderstandings about Mexico. This is a link that was uncovered by Mike Patterson, attorney at member Polsinelli during a recent trade mission to Mexico.

    The mission was organized by City of Phoenix and GPL - Greater Phoenix Leadership. Mike is "Mr. Mexico" and of course he was there!

    Mike thought you might like to see this 2 minute video by Agustin Barrios Gomez a Former Congressman. It's true, and it likely conflicts with other info you may have received over these past months and years!

    Click here for the VIDEO:

    One key fact:  When we buy something from Mexico, every dollar we spend includes 40 cents of content made in the US. We make stuff together! When we buy from China every dollar includes less than 4 cents.  

    It is less known that before an average auto part goes into a car in a plant in Mexico, it has crossed the border back and forth (US content, Mexican content, US content, Mexican content, etc.) an average of 8 times.

    Purchasing autos from Mexico has a lot more content from the U.S. than you may think!


    Mike Patterson


    Phoenix Office

  • 14 Nov 2016 by Doug Bruhnke

    We were treated to information in our 'Part 2' on growing in Asia last week, November 9th.

    State Department Fellow working at Global Chamber... Alexandra Shitova... shared with us 10 reasons why you should be doing business in Russia. Did you know that it's the largest country in the world with over 6.5 million square miles, and it's the world 6th largest economy (GDP)? Another interesting fact is that more billionaires live in Moscow than any other city in the world... and NYC is #2. Read more about Russia

    State Department Fellow working at Global Chamber... Thongmala (Oi) KEOLA... has similarly written about why you should be doing business in Laos. Lao PDR with 7-8% annual GDP growth is transforming from a land-locked country to a 'land-linked' country, with all the advantages of being in the center of the ASEAN region, with access to 600 million people there and 1.3 billion people in China. Read more about Laos

    We also learned more about opportunities for your to grow in Singapore, Malaysia and Singapore. See and hear more from Nazri Muhd HERE.





  • 03 Nov 2016 by Doug Bruhnke

    Congratulations to Mark Roberts, Vice President at Alliance Bank of Arizona!

    This are the details from Kristian Richardson, U.S. Commercial Service:

    U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker today announced the appointment of 20 inaugural members of the Trade Finance Advisory Council (TFAC). Established in August 2016, the TFAC will advise the Secretary on policies and programs that will expand access to finance for U.S. exporters and educate them on available U.S. government resources.

    “Access to capital is critical for U.S. firms competing in foreign markets,” said Secretary Pritzker. “Expanding available financing options allows U.S. exporters, particularly small and medium-sized businesses, to sell more of their world-class products, services, and technologies to consumers around the globe. Increased trade leads directly to stronger economies and new jobs in cities and towns across our nation.”

    TFAC members represent banks, other trade finance organizations, exporters, and research institutions. TFAC will provide perspectives from a diversity of stakeholders in order to obtain balanced and comprehensive insights on the current challenges and prospects for U.S. exporters in accessing finance.

    Congratulations Mark Roberts, Vice President of Specialty Banking, Alliance Bank of Arizona, for his appointment to this prestigious position. And thank you for your and your team's support of Global Chamber.

    Link: Alliance Bank of Arizona

    Mark's Profile - click here











  • 28 Oct 2016 by Doug Bruhnke

    We took a step at demystifying Asia with information from across the region at our event in the Japanese Friendship Garden, Winship House... and with speakers from across the world including Tokyo and Singapore. That was fun, and challenging!

    Due to technical glitches we weren't able to get all the way through the program and so we've added more to our 'Part 2' session November 8th at Skysong, 8-10am. Hope you can join us! More on November 8th HERE

    Last night our Asia experts shared opportunities for U.S. companies to grow in Asia. The event was hosted by the Japanese Friendship Garden and we had some great food and drink sponsors... including Hiro Sake, Hana Japanese Eatery, Asahi Bakery and Cherry Blossom Noodle Cafe. おいしい! Delicious!

    Speakers 10/27

    • Kyle Walker - Principal and Managing Partner, Green Card Fund (China)
    • Thongmala (Oi) Keola (Laos)
    • Alexandra Shitova (Russia)
    • Colin Christie - Executive Director, Global Chamber Manila (Philippines)
    • Nobuo Yoneyama - Executive Director, Global Chamber Tokyo (Japan)
    • Leon Perera - CEO, Spire Research and Consulting (Entering Asia)

    Speakers 11/8

    • Thongmala (Oi) Keola (Laos)
    • Alexandra Shitova (Russia)
    • Bagas Adhadirgha - CEO, Asia Aero Technology (Indonesia)
    • Vinod Bhimrajka - CEO, Bhimrajka Impex and Global Chamber Mumbai (India)
    • M Nazri - Group CEO VSC and Founder/CEO, MyFinB (Singapore/Malaysia)
    • To be announced - Asia Wrap-up


    Join us November 8th for 'Economic Empowerment in Laos, Russia and Across Asia'

    Thank you! See photos from Round 1 below!



  • 22 Oct 2016 by Doug Bruhnke

    We have a very special event planned in the Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix.

    Top executives share opportunities for U.S. companies to grow in Asia. The event is being hosted by the Japanese Friendship Garden and we are fortunate to have many wonderful food and drink sponsors for attendees.

    Sponsors including Hana Japanese Eatery, Asahi Bakery, Hiro Sake and Cherryblossom Noodle Cafe.

    Moderators Kiyoko Toyama and Doug Bruhnke bring together executives in Phoenix and from across Asia to share and discuss techniques and tips that result in business growth in Asia. Looking to grow? All you need to know is right here.


    • Nobuo Yoneyama - Executive Director, Global Chamber Tokyo (Japan)
    • Kyle Walker - Principal and Managing Partner, Green Card Fund (China)
    • Bagas Adhadirgha - CEO, Asia Aero Technology (Indonesia)
    • Vinod Bhimrajka - CEO, Bhimrajka Impex and Global Chamber Mumbai (India)
    • M Nazri - Group CEO VSC and Founder/CEO, MyFinB (Singapore/Malaysia)
    • Leon Perera - CEO, Spire Research and Consulting (Entering Asia)
    • Thongmala (Oi) Keola (Laos) and Alexandra Shitova (Russia) - YSEALI Fellows
    • Kikoko Toyama - Consultant and former President of NKK Switches USA
    • Moderator: Doug Bruhnke


    4:00 – Chamber Members and guests arrive at the garden.
    John Enright (docent) and Kiyoko Toyama will meet with them for the tour.
    4:30 pm – 5:30 pm – Speakers
    5:30 pm – 6:30 pm – food and drinks
    Join us HERE
  • 27 Sep 2016 by Doug Bruhnke

    NOTE: This opportunity is sold out!

    Thunderbird School of Global Management Executive Education, would like to offer Global Chamber members a 100% scholarship to our up-coming in-person leadership development experiences.

    These learning experiences are 3.5 days in length with a capstone executive experience. The Leading Diverse Teams for Collaborative Results and Strategic Influence & Negotiation programs will be offered the first week of October and there are currently 5 spaces in each program to offer a full scholarship for Global Chamber members.


    Upcoming Opportunities


    ·        October 5-8, 2016

    o   Phoenix, AZ: Leading Diverse Teams for Collaborative Results

    o   Counts for 22.5 Project Management Institute PDU’s for those maintaining PMI licensure

    o   Immersive Experience: Leadership Lessons from the Special Forces

























    ·        October 10-13, 2016

    o   Phoenix, AZ: Strategic Global Influence & Negotiation

    o   Immersive Experience:  Space Exploration


     Program Tuition:

    Individual Course Tuition: $7,900

    For Global Chamber members: $0

    Includes meals, hotel accommodations, course materials, and Immersive Executive Experience.


    This is an exclusive and limited offer to Global Chamber members.

    While supply lasts!


    Contact Doug Bruhnke at Global Chamber and we'll work with Thunderbird School of Global Management on your application.


  • 03 Oct 2016 by Doug Bruhnke

    We're proud to collaborate with In Business Magazine and support their efforts to provide businesses in Arizona information to grow more successfully.

    Global Chamber Phoenix is one of the 5 organizations that they partner with to compile some of that content.

    In October the Global Chamber section of 8 pages is full of useful information for exporters and others looking to GROW. Hope you agree ;-)

    Check out this month's section HERE and in the printed version. If you'd like a hard copy, please contact Kim Bridges at Global Chamber.

    Articles include...

    Be Everywhere

    Build an Advisory Board

    Global Chamber Expands Advisory Board

    Importing Is Global Trade Too

    Women in Global Leadership

    Global Trade Belongs to the Young in Spirit

    Growth Is in Your Hands

    Growing from Manhattan to Madrid and Manila

    News from Headquarters

    Member News


    All the best, .Doug Bruhnke



  • 22 Sep 2016 by Doug Bruhnke

    Wow - that was fun! Grow Globally PHX was Tuesday afternoon.

    Thank you to the global tribe for coming out to Grow Globally PHX!

    Thank you to the exporters! You're busy... and within a couple hours you get to meet all the global resources in Phoenix, all together, one time per year! You now know how valuable that it is to grow your business!

    Thank you to the service providers and other regional resources! You're busy.... and you now have a world-class understanding of what's available here in the region and have gained more ways to help companies grow.

    Thank you to our members.! You're busy... and coming out with the global tribe makes us all stronger. Special thanks to Lyle Rusonowski, CEO of Phoenix-based Delta Technology for being part of the discussion with our live call to Global Chamber Manila... exporting and growing to the world!

    Thank you to our sponsors! Starting with Polsinelli... you're busy... but you always find time to be there for us and companies growing into Mexico and around the world.

    And to SoftwareOne and Tommy Bahama Kierland... thank you for supporting the Grow Globally event and our global tribe!

    Thank you to our award winners! You're busy... but every day you contribute to make metro Phoenix more and more global. Our 9 winners this year are amazing. Read more in a separate post HERE.

    Thank you to Philippine Trade Commissioner Jose Dinsay and all the dignitaries who came to Grow Globally. You're busy.... and you work hard every day to create trade between countries that makes the world a little better place.

    Thank you to Tex Guthrie who shared his 65 years of international business in his book 'I Was Born at a Very Early Age' - and is an inspiration for all in the global tribe.

    Thank you to Colin Christie of Global Chamber Manila and Tatiana Nikishina of Global Chamber New York City for dialing in and sharing more opportunities. You're busy... and your efforts, like those of other Global Chamber chapters around the world, is making a difference.

    Thank you to you ALL You're all busy... but keep investing in global business. It's where the opportunity is, and your investment will continue to be rewarded. The inertia always drives us to think local and what's immediately around us, but stay on the global course.

    To see the progress this region has made with global business in inspiring. Keep it going!









  • 22 Sep 2016 by Doug Bruhnke

    At Grow Globally PHX yesterday we announced and discussed the 2016 global awards.


    Export Champion of the Year: Kim Sabow, AZ Lodging, Tourism & Travel Association

    Global Business Service Leader of the Year: Kevin Hull, BMO Harris Bank

    Global Government Leader of the Year: John Lewis, Town of Gilbert / EVP

    Border Champion of the Year: Luis Ramirez, Ramirez Advisors International

    Global Non-Profit of the Year: Project C.U.R.E

    Global Diplomat of the Year: Tony Banegas, Consul Emeritas - Honduras

    Global Educator of the Year: Diana Bullen, Mesa Community College

    Global Business Executive of the Year: Lee Knowlton, Massage Envy

    Metro Phoenix Global City of the Year: City of Tempe


    Congratulations all! Keep up the great, global work!


    Kim Sabow


    Kevin Hull (right)


    John Lewis (center)


    Luis Ramirez (left)


    Tony Banegas (left)


    Project C.U.R.E.

    Diana Bullen

    Lee Knowlton

    City of Phoenix

  • 05 Sep 2016 by Doug Bruhnke

    Global Chamber is new and growing - and last year we didn't have this blog forum, or a Phoenix event calendar.

    And so in anticipation of this year's Global Chamber Phoenix "Grow Globally Fair" and 2016 award winners, here are last year's award winners...

    Global Business Executive of the Year: Melissa Sanderson, Freeport McMoRan (Presented by Glenn Hamer, Arizona Chamber)

    Diplomat of the Year: Consul General Roberto Rodriguez Hernandez (Presented by Mike Patterson, Polsinelli)

    Global Business Reporter of the Year: Eric Toll, Phoenix Business Journal (Presented by Mike Patterson, Polsinelli)

    Global Business Service Provider of the Year: Keith Galbut, Galbut & Galbut (Presented by Don Henninger, Global Chamber and DH Advisors)

    Global Non-Profit Executive of the Year: Kyle Moyer, Kyle Moyer & Company (Presented by Doug Bruhnke, Global Chamber)

    Global Government Leader of the Year: Hank Marshall, City of Phoenix (Presented by Doug Bruhnke, Global Chamber)

    Global City of the Year: City of Phoenix (Accepted by Michelle Pierson and presented by Rick Murray, ASBA (Arizona Small Business Association))

    Global Business of the Year: Green Card Fund, led by Kyle Walker (Accepted by Rudy Vetter, presented by Keith Galbut, Galbut & Galbut)

    Global Education Leader of the Year: Dr. Michael Crow, ASU (Presented by Doug Bruhnke, Global Chamber)


    From left, Melissa Sanderson, Consul General Roberto Rodriguez and Eric Toll.


    Watch for 2016 Awards winners in an announcement this week!

    And attend Grow Globally Fair Phoenix on September 20th. Register here.

  • 02 Sep 2016 by Doug Bruhnke

    I'm honored to be associated with such an extraordinary chapter membership and Advisory Board. Thank you!

    You are all extraordinary! We met this week 8/30 at Skysong to discuss progress, goals and next steps.

    The next Advisory Board meeting is November 22nd, 3-5pm... please make a note of it.

    An e-mail was sent to each Advisory Board members with next steps. One big one... please attend the next event: Grow Globally Fair Phoenix 9/20, sponsored by Polsinelli, and a gift basket donated by Tommy Bahama in Kierland.

    The Grow Globally Fair is all the global resources in metro Phoenix, all together, one time per year! More HERE

    Thank you all!

    • Alana Chavez, Int'l Economic Development and Infrastructure Initiatives at MAG
    • Andrejs Bunksee, Principal at Beacon Information Designs
    • Anita Verma-Lallian, Director at Vermaland
    • Arif Surmen, President and CEO at QDI Stone
    • Bjorn Lundberg, Business Development at Tiempo Development 
    • Brad Christensen, Marketing Director at UPS
    • Carol Colombo, Chairman at Amber Alert GPS, and U.S. Trade Representative
    • Celia Lee, International Project Director at Groundpoint
    • Cesar Trabanco, Business Services Manager at Global Chamber 
    • Cyle Adair, Director of Business Development at InWhatLanguage
    • Dave Binsfeld, Owner at General Southwest Insurance Agency
    • Diana Bullen, Director of Business Programs at Mesa Community College
    • Don Becka, Mentor at W.P. Carey School, Arizona State University
    • Don Henninger, Principal at DH Advisors
    • Donna Kennedy, Economic Development Director at City of Tempe
    • Doug Bruhnke, Executive Director at Global Chamber Phoenix
    • Eddy Jimenez, Vice President of International Development & Logistics at Kahala
    • Eduardo Gonzales, Deputy Trade and Investment Commissioner at ProMexico
    • Erika Feinberg, Principal at APEX Outcomes
    • Hank Marshall, Economic Development Executive Officer at City of Phoenix
    • Hugh Hallman, Principal at Hallman & Associates and Past Mayor of Tempe
    • Ian McClarty, President at Phoenix NAP – Global IT Solutions
    • Jim Ratcliff, Chairman and CEO at Rowpar Pharmaceuticals
    • Joe Bockerstette, Partner at Business Enterprise Mapping (BEM)
    • Joel Greenberg, Director of Global Accounts at APL Logistics
    • John Bevell, Client Relationship Director at Thunderbird School of Global Mgmt
    • John Lewis, President/CEO at East Valley Partnership and Past Mayor of Gilbert
    • Karla Teixeira Moran, Economic Development Project Manager at SRP
    • Kerwin Brown, President/CEO at Black Chamber of Commerce
    • Kevin Hull, Senior Relationship Manager at BMO Harris Bank
    • Kim Sabow, President /CEO at Arizona Lodging & Tourism Association
    • Kirsten Hall, Business Development Coordinator at City of Peoria
    • Linda Pastori, Associate General Manager, Development at KJZZ/KBAQ
    • Lynn Spencer, Economic Development Project Manager at City of Mesa
    • Mara Pernick, Business Development Executive at BDO
    • Mary Wolf-Francis, Community Liason at DIRTT Environmental Solutions
    • Mike Patterson, Partner at Polsinelli PC
    • Ray Schey, Publisher at Phoenix Business Journal
    • Rick Buss, Assistant City Manager at City of Surprise
    • Rudy Vetter, Chief Marketing Officer at Green Card Fund
    • Ruza Radulovic, Senior Vice President of Marketing, AZ & NV at Alliance Bank
    • Ryan Flannagan, CEO at Nuanced Media
    • Stephane Frijia, VP of Int’l Business Development at Greater Phoenix Econ. Council
    • Stuart Graff, President and CEO at Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation
    • Susan Shultz, President at SSA Executive Search and CEO at The Board Institute
    • Tony Banegas, Consul Emeritus of Honduras


    All the best, Doug Bruhnke

    CEO/founder of Global Chamber

    Executive Director, Global Chamber Phoenix


  • 30 Jul 2016 by Doug Bruhnke

    This week we were honored to host the annual Phoenix Sister Cities Youth Ambassador wrap-up, featuring regional global business leaders and the youth ambassadors.... from Phoenix having lived in a Sister City, and from Sister Cities, having lived this summer in Phoenix.

    Congratulations Bethany Bennick and Phoenix Sister Cities for being recognized as the top youth ambassador program within Sister Cities in the US! This program helps dozens of students every year have an international experience that they will never forget... shaping their world view.

    Thank you also to our regional leaders who shared their story.

    First Olenka Cullinan of Rising Tycoons shared how global youth became the cornerstone of what she does, exposing teens to ideas and leaders that help them become successful entrepreneurs.

    Then Ty Richardson of Global Chamber Trinidad & Tobago talked about how he left a high-level corporate job at age 28 to start his own professional youth association, and now leading Global Chamber in the Caribbean.

    Then Dan Schweiker, Co-Chairman of China Mist Iced Teas, talked about how a student exchange in Germany changed everything. Dan is now running for city council of Scottsdale after may years with a similar role in Paradise Valley.

    And finally we heard from the students... what they learned, what surprised them and what they'll be taking with them going forward. Many are interested in business, and so we hope many will be part of the global tribe in the future.

    Would you like to learn more, including having your child apply for next year's program?

    For more information go to Phoenix Sister Cities - YAET. Thank you!


  • 06 Jul 2016 by Doug Bruhnke

    Global Chamber® Phoenix works to raise the level of excellence in the cross-border 'soft' skills of our members. It's a life-long process!

    The incomparable Gloria Petersen, an original member of the global tribe, proved once again with her recent presentation that old dogs can learn new tricks..

    At a recent Lunch and Learn at Global Chamber, Gloria encouraged the active participation of the executives and business owners who attended this first Global Chamber® etiquette seminar.

    Read more in this Blog:post at Media Matters etc by Adele Hodge: HERE

    Thank you, Gloria!

  • 03 Jul 2016 by Doug Bruhnke

    Global Chamber hosted a delegation from across Latin America that included business and government leaders at our global headquarters.

    Leaders discussing trade and finance included representatives from Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, Bolivia, Panama, Costa Rica, Paraguay and Peru.

    Each country leader shared their perspectives on opportunities with their country. We'll be staying in touch!

    One of the great values of being part of the global tribe is that we do events like this, have contacts to millions of executives, professionals and leaders across the globe.... and we connect members to new business opportunities every day.

    Many thanks to the U.S. State Department and their International Visitors Leadership Program, adminstered by Global Ties US, and Global Ties AZ locally. We're honored to participate in opportunities like this over the years. Consequently Global Chamber members gain more access to leaders all over the world whether they attend or not!

    Thank you to our collaborating partner Promexico for attending as well... and members interested in business with Latin America.

    Read more about the specific leaders HERE.


  • 28 Jun 2016 by Cesar Trabanco

    While we were learning about the historic decision taken by the people of the United Kingdom on its exit from the European Union (“Brexit”) and the uncertain impact this will have on international trade, the state governments of Arizona (USA) and Sonora (Mexico) were announcing their new initiative: The Arizona-Sonora Megaregion.

    This project aims to provide a competitive platform to companies from around the world to invest in this area and benefit from the resources shared by these two inter-country states. The combination of advantages that this region offers is very attractive and seems to be already working. Among these advantages are:

    • Skilled workforce + Competitive costs
    • Modern infrastructure + excellent geographic position
    • Low tax +Support from the government

    The Arizona-Sonora Megaregion focuses on attracting companies from four already well developed industries: Aerospace, automotive, mining and tourism. This project was presented during a business forum organized by the Arizona-Mexico Commission (AMC) last Friday, the 24th of June, in Scottsdale, Arizona. The forum had the participation of the governors from both states, the Hon. Claudia Pavlovich (Sonora) and the Hon. Doug Ducey (Arizona). Global Chamber had the opportunity to attend and hear the comments from both governors, along with the participation of the Secretary of Agriculture (SAGARPA) of Mexico, Hon. José Eduardo Calzada. There was a general consensus that this is the best way to promote the region in international exhibitions in order to excel in this competitive world.

    This is a proposal that state governments are building together, taking advantage of the already free trade agreement between United States and Mexico. Arizona and Sonora are sending a powerful message to the world after what happened with Brexit. This type of proposal seems to display a more viable option to promote international trade, which is not dependent on the traditional bureaucracy presented by central governments and where entrepreneurs of the region have greater participation. This trade approach is meant to work for the good of the American and Mexican society while avoiding dealing with internal policies that could trigger social differences as is happening in Europe.

    “We are talking about opportunities while others are talking about problems” stated Hon. Calzada when referring to the negativity brought by the Brexit situation.

    You can learn more about the Arizona-Mexico Megaregion in this article by The Arizona Republic... Grow Trade with Mexico Now (or Regret It Later)

    In the article, Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Claudia Ruiz Massieu answers questions, June 24, 2016, in the Editorial Board room at The Arizona Republic.

    Also see and hear more about Sonora-Arizona Megaregion in this video, here.

    By: Cesar Trabanco, Global Chamber

  • 25 Jun 2016 by Doug Bruhnke

    Madame Secretary Claudia Massieu attended the Arizona Mexico Commission Summit this week and was looking to work with businesses to continue the rapid growth of trade between Mexico and the United States.

    A dozen regional leaders met with her for lunch on Friday thanks to the arrangement by Consul General Roberto Rodriguez. Attendees included Jerry Moyes of Swift Transportation, Sharon Harper of Plaza Companies and Lorena Valencia of Reliance Wire & Cable.

    Two main points.

    First Madame Secretary was very interested to hear the ideas of the group about how to continue and expand the progress especially in these times when there are anti-trade forces more active and vocal. Some of the ideas....

    • Work with the young... they get it!
    • Have a strategy to clearly and simply communicate the value of trade
    • Create strong alliances and cooperation between business and goverment

    Second she called on the business community to do our part to communicate the value of binational trade. The press and the public can often latch on to a key dramatic issue and lose touch with the overall importance of trade, and the specifics - the create jobs and success on both sides of the border.

    Speak out. Explain. Try to explain things more on what people care about... jobs, security, family... and why trade helps us on BOTH sides of the border.

    From here Madame Secretary is joining the 'Three Amigos Summit" in Canada this week with the Presidents of the US, Canada and Mexico discussing trade, challenges and opportuities. Read more here:

  • 21 Jun 2016 by Doug Bruhnke

    Jeremy Schoenfelder has a long background in global business and non-profits. We're proud to have him officially join Global Chamber, and the global tribe.

    Jeremy's firms International Creative Capital and Sienna Partners are global.

    Sienna Partners provides consulting services to small and medium sized businesses, specializing in applying problem solving techniques in order to remedy immediate issues while maintaining a long-term perspective on growth and survivability.

    Thank you Jeremy and Sienna Partners and welcome to the global tribe.

    For more information, visit Jeremy's profile here:

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