• 25 Feb 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    Congratulations to Alfredo J. Molina for recently being named as the Chairman of the Arizona Consular Corps.

    Global Chamber® Phoenix and Global Chamber® Tucson have been collaborating with the Corps under the leadership of the prior Chairman Alisa Jost.

    For sample, this week Alfredo J. Molina was the keynote speaker at the Internationals State of the Metro for Phoenix... more HERE. And the next day we hosted Senator Juan Carlos Romero Hicks at Global Chamber with Consul General Claudia Franco Hijuelos... more HERE. 

    Several of Arizona's diplomatic dignitaries have already been members of Global Chamber, shown below.

    - The Honorable Tony Banegas, Consulate of Honduras (Emeritas)

    - The Honorable Kelly Moeur, Consulate General of Japan

    - The Honorable Fernande Hastert Kuykendall, Consulate of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

    - The Honorable Claudia Franco Hijuelos, Consulate General of Mexico

    - Bob Walkup, Consulate of the Republic of Korea

    - Alisa Jost, Consulate of the Swiss Federation

    - Hank Marshall, Honorary Consulate of the United Kingdom

    This week Chairman Molina invited me to address the Arizona Consular Corps lunch to discuss points of additional collaboration. We discussed several opportunities and we'll be following up.

    Thank you for the opportunity! Your diplomatic skills have never been more appreciated and needed.

    Looking forward to finding ways to further advance each of our missions. To a great 2017!

    More: The Consular Corps of Arizona serves an important role for the businesses and the community... and we're honored to collaborate. More: The Consular Corps of Arizona (CCAZ) was created in 1961 to create a space for both career and honorary consuls to exchange ideas and information, perform official duties for their respective countries and educate and inform the Arizona public about their countries and their work.  Today, the CCAZ has 35 consulates, 4 career and 31 honorary. Career consuls are full time employees of their government and a national of their country while honorary consuls may be either US citizens or permanent residents and are not required to be a national of the country they represent.  Since honorary consuls are non-career diplomats, they also hold other full-time professions. Honorary consuls are generally appointed to provide consular services in areas not covered by a career consul and receive no remuneration for their services.  Both career and honorary consuls are accredited by and issued official credentials by the United States Department of State. Website

  • 23 Feb 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    This year we were not only treated to the report card on international business by Hank Marshall of the City of Phoenix, but we had a variety of regional leaders discuss their views on global trade. A fun, educational and inspiring time was likely had by ALL! Check out more pictures here.

    Thank you first of all to our hosts at DIRTT - and in particular Krista Wishmeier ( email), Max Van Pelt-Diller, Mark Waldron and Jamie Nollette.

    Thanks also to our door prize sponsors Tommy Bahama - Kierland. The lucky winner was Fred Weling, Global Chamber® member! Congrats!

    The City of Phoenix presentation was again not only educational but REALISTIC... note the report code that the dog nearly ate, but somehow Hank Marshall was able to wrestle it away and share the results.

    For the first time in the Hank Marshall era, there are a couple of B's... PROGRESS!

    We discussed the progress and remaining gaps... it's an ever-lasting process. Barry Wong offered to host a follow-up discussion on the gaps, and several globies in the audience raised their hand to participate. Barry... we support you!

    Thank you Hank for not only presenting but also making progress within the region on the international stage. One of the most valuable things that Hank does is connect all the cities in the metro together... and his collaboration mind-set gets results.

    All our speakers were amazing! And if you're going to set the bar high for all, how about a keynote presentation from Alfredo J. Molina, CEO of Molina Fine Jewelers, Black & Frost, and the Arizona Consular Corps. Due to scheduling issues, we had some changes to the agenda (revised, below) and Mr. Molina stepped in and not only provided his perspective on international business in Metro Phoenix, but gave us much more.

    Mr. Molina talked about what it takes to succeed. He told aspects of his own story and watching peoples' faces it was clear that it was more than me that was moved. In his 37 years in  Arizona he has seen plenty of progress, and he's been part of a lot of it, including giving to over 300 organizations. His life as a child was much different, arriving in Chicago from Cuba in the winter with summer clothes on. It was the generosity of a Chicagoan that provided his family food, winter clothing and the boost they needed. There's much more to the story than than... and Mr. Molina treated us to that plus his 17 success tips. Reach out if you missed them.

    Thank you to our other speakers as well! Great job!

    And thank you again to the global tribe for attending. We're making a dent in this thing!


    10th Annual International State of the Metro

    DIRTT, 836 E University Drive in Phoenix (just east of 7th Street, north of Rio Salado)

    5:30pm Standing Dinner and Drinks, Courtesy of DIRTT

    6:15pm International State of the Metro

    Keynote Speaker Alfredo J. Molina

    • Moderators Hank Marshall and Doug Bruhnke
    • Mexico Senator Juan Carlos Romero Hicks
    • Alfredo J. Molina Chairman/CEO Molina Fine Jewelers & Black, Starr & Frost
    • Mark Roberts VP at Alliance Bank of Arizona
    • Steve Shefveland CEO at Emerging Global Services
    • Vice Mayor Todd Tande at City of Surprise





    More pictures HERE at the Global Chamber Phoenix Facebook page.

  • 23 Feb 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    Today we hosted a coffee with Senator Juan Carlos Romero Hicks. More pictures HERE on facebook.

    The event was put on through a collaboration between Global Chamber® Phoenix and Representative Tony Rivero (LD21), Chicanos Por La Causa, Arizona State University, Berry Riddell LLC and Maricopa Association of Governments.

    Global Chamber® is NOT political, but we sometimes host politicians for discussions on trade and business, for the benefit of our members and the community.

    Thank you Mayor Jim Lane (Scottsdale) for introducing the Senator. Distinguished guests include Mayor Kiko Munro of Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point), Mexico.

    Juan Carlos Romero Hicks is a Federal Senator of the Mexican Senate where he is President of the Education Commission, Secretary of the Science and Technology Commission and the North American Foreign Affairs Commission, and member of the Foreign Affairs Commission.  He was the Director General of the Mexican National Science and Technology Council (CONACyT) from 2006 to 2011. He served as Governor of Guanajuato from 2000 to 2006.

    Senator Romero Hicks talked about continuing the personal and business progress that has been occurring in the region and benefiting both the US and Mexico.

    The megaregion of Mexico and the US is the most formidable of any two bordering countries in the world. Cooperation has led to highly integrated world class supply chains that are some of the best in the world.

    As businesspeople, we encourage cooperation and collaboration between business and government, so that we work together for an even greater good. Commerce drives wealth creation, jobs and cross-border understanding.

    Thank you again to Hugh Hallman for pulling this meeting together as a part of the Senator's regional visit. If you'd like more information, please contact me.


  • 21 Feb 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    In collaboration with Global Ties AZ, Global Chamber Phoenix hosted a discussion of small business and entrepreneurship development in Serbia at Global Chamber on February 20th. Visitors includes "MJ" - Milivoje Jovanovic, President of Managing Board of Association of SMEE (Belgrade); Maja Pejcic, Director of Project Management Department, RAS (Belgrade); and Novak Rakocevic, Business Development Sector Director of Opportunity Bank of Serbia (Novi Sad).

    The visit to Global Chamber was part of an International Visitor Leadership Program initiative by the U.S. State Department. The objective of the visit was to support the "Year of the Entrepreneur" in Serbia, and promote entrepreneurship and small business development.

    The economy of Serbia is approximately the 80th largest in the world at $43.866 billion (GDP). Its economy is mostly based on services (51.1% of GDP), industry (38.5% of GDP) and agriculture (10.4% of GDP) - source Wikipedia.

    Some facts and observations from the discussion:

    • 99.8% of businesses in Serbia are small businesses
    • 4 key industry sectors in Serbia are ag/food, wood/furniture, automotive/machining and rubber/tire
    • Telemedicine holds promise in the country for a segment to be developed
    • China is investing in the country, one of the top FDI countries including Germany
    • US presence includes development center by Microsoft
    • The country has significant FDI incentives in place, and taxes are low (15%)
    • Access to European market continues to drive growth in the region
    • 330,000 businesses in Serbia with 7 million population - roughly the size of Arizona
    • 1/3 of businesses are doing well... and there is a goal of adding 100K more good businesses
    • Opportunities with CSR implementation in the country

    If you're interested in learning more about the IVLP program, contact Global Ties AZ.

    And we welcome you to get involved with cross-border and global business with Global Chamber Phoenix. We are actively seeking an Executive Director in Belgrade. Contact us for more information.


  • 14 Feb 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    Global Chamber® Phoenix and Global Chamber® Tucson are pleased to participate in a new export promotion program in Maricopa, Pinal and Pima counties. Exporters are encouraged to participate by applying for the new Sun Corridor Export Recognition Program, opening on Valentine's Day! We love exporters!

    The program seeks to raise awareness of how important exports are to the region’s economy and to connect businesses with resources that can help them increase and improve their bottom line through exporting.

    Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton has worked with other regional planning agencies and economic development agencies to develop the new program. “Exports, especially to Mexico, support 100,000 jobs in Arizona, but that number should really be a lot higher,” said Mayor Greg Stanton, who chairs the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) Regional Council and serves as vice chair of the MAG Economic Development Committee.

    “We want to help businesses looking to increase profits and create more stable, higher-paying jobs. We know that opening new markets in other countries leads to increased revenue and provides more resilient, higher-end employment here at home.”

    Any exporting business—whether emerging, proficient, or expert—can apply by visiting An evaluation team will assess each business in four categories, including Overall Export Achievement (one business recognized from each of the three counties). Additional categories exist for Veteran, minority, or woman owned businesses.

    All applicants will be introduced to programs in the community that can increase their exporting. The top scoring businesses from each of the three counties will be recognized at the Sun Corridor EDGE (Economic Development for the Global Economy) event on May 19, 2017. The public is invited to attend the event and hear from the top scoring businesses, speakers on international trade, and videos featuring the top scoring businesses.

    Program partners include Central Arizona Governments, Arizona District Export Council, East, Valley Partnership, Global Chamber Phoenix and Global Chamber Tucson, Greater Phoenix Economic Council, Maricopa Association of Governments, Metro Phoenix Export Alliance, Partnership for Economic Innovation, Pima Association of Governments, Sun Corridor Metropolitan Planning Organization, Sun Corridor Inc., U.S. Commercial Service, Az Commerce Authority & Western Maricopa Coalition (WESTMARC).

    Applications are due by 3:00 p.m. on March 17, 2017. Registration for the EDGE event will be available soon at The event is hosted by the Joint Planning Advisory Council. The council comprises elected officials and business leaders with the purpose of strengthening the coordination and economies of the Sun Corridor.

    For more information, please contact the Maricopa Association of Governments at (602) 254-6300, or Doug Bruhnke of Global Chamber®.

    Key Dates:

    • Application by March 17, 2017
    • Recognition: May 19, 2017
  • 08 Feb 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    OfficeDepot/OfficeMax has teamed up with Global Chamber® to offer members discounts and special access to discounted items from the OfficeDepot/Office/Max stores and online warehouse.

    The offers are only available to Global Chamber® members. This program (currently available in the United States) invites members to access a special link via the OfficeDepot/OfficeMax listing in the Global Chamber® directory to take advantage of special members-only sales promotions and buying power discounts. 

    Click HERE for the official announcement .

    Members are encouraged to visit the Office Max Global Chamber® directory listing HERE.

    For those in Phoenix Metro interested in bigger corporate savings, you can contact our local member from Office Depot: Imran Chaudrey,

    If you’re interested in becoming a member of Global Chamber® to take advantage of this program PLUS gain access to global and globally-minded connections, contact us today! Contact me... Doug Bruhnke for more information.

  • 02 Feb 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    This week we held a multi-metro 'Grow in Cuba' event that originated at Global Chamber Denver with the experts at Lynx Global and included chapter participation by Global Chamber Chicago and Global Chamber Phoenix... with sponsor Cuba Standard calling in from Florida. The technology for the meeting worked, and we were all enlightened by the knowledge presented by the speakers from Lynx Global and others participating in the event.

    Thanks, too to Boomerang Carnets and Polsinelli - Chicago who sponsored the event at Global Chamber Chicago.

    Cuba has the largest population of any country in the Caribbean and the highest literacy rate as well... 99.9%.

    We know that the current US administration will be predisposed to trade with Cuba because the nominated Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue has a business with poultry - which was identified in the meeting as one of the first U.S. export needs.

    Beyond poultry and agriculture, other early opportunities for U.S. companies include organic farming technologies, education, biomedicine and energy. Beyond those first opportunities there are needs in a variety of manufactured and commercial products.

    The picture above is of some of the attendees for the Phoenix portion of the event.

    The picture below includes a screen view of the 4 locations of the event - Phoenix, Denver, Chicago and Miami.

    For attendees of the event, we can offer a free one month subscription to Cuba Standard. Here is more information from Peter at Cuba Standard:

    Getting actionable business information on Cuba isn't easy. Cuba Standard extends a one-month free trial subscription of to all participants of the Global Chamber Cuba workshop and upcoming delegations.

    Just send a message to and he will set it up for you. If you mention that you would like to read their offline publications — Cuba Standard Monthly and Cuba Standard Economic Trend Report — you will be sent free samples.

    If you'd like more information about the upcoming trade mission to Cuba, contact Jeff Campos of Global Chamber Denver HERE

    If you'd like more information about the international services of Polsinelli or Boomerang Carnets, please contact Juan Davila of Global Chamber Chicago HERE

    Thank you participants and everyone supporting Global Chamber.

    Be global and UNSTOPPABLE! Contact us

  • 02 Feb 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    Thank you to the Global Chamber Phoenix Advisory Board for their time, talent and all that they do to support the growth of the chapter in metro Phoenix!

    What an extraordinary group of community and global leaders! See the group of 40+ advisors HERE.

    Very special thanks to Don Becka who is leading the overall activity coordination of the committees.

    Also special thanks to Stephane Frijia of GPEC for presenting on some special initiatives underway to increase global business leadership in Phoenix. If you haven't signed up for it yet, please attend the Metro Phoenix Global Investment Launch Plan on February 15th at Skysong. All are invited.... click HERE.

    The next Global Chamber Phoenix Advisory Board meeting is May 23rd. If you're an Advisor, watch for more.

    If you're a member, thank you - and we're happy to share more about this and other opportunities to participate in your local Global Chamber chapter.

    And if you're not a member yet, why not? It's never been more important for those with a global voice to speak out about the important of cross metro and cross border business and trade.

    Be global and UNSTOPPABLE! Contact us.