• 30 Mar 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    Rudy Vetter of Green Card Fund and the German American Chamber of Commerce presented the results of an annual survey of German American business leaders today at Polsinelli. Thank you Karen Dickinson, Gerrit Steenblik and Mike Patterson for hosting the event in Downtown Phoenix.

    The news is mostly good! There are over 8000 jobs in Arizona attributed to German-owned companies. And across the US, 85% of the German-American companies expect to increase their workforce in 2017. Pretty good!!

    Rudy went through the survey and also presented the new Honorary Consul of Germany for Arizona... Wolf Kaufmann. Wolf was on a panel that discussed the survey results and commented on the state of the German-American business in Arizona and in other parts of the U.S.

    Global Chamber Phoenix was pleased to be a marketing partner for this important discussion. Thank you Rudy, Gerhard and the team at GACC for your collaboration.

    One of the things that came up that we agree with wholeheartedly is that most of the German companies in the community are 'below the radar screen' - not known by nearly everyone. It's a common issue - companies from most countries are unknown by most people locally.

    And so we're doing something about it... starting an annual 'Welcome to the Valley' event with executives from companies from all over the world. Pretty cool, huh? It's hosted on May 16th - intended to be for members only, but we can work something out for a few non-members... please contact me for more info.

    Global Chamber is growing in 525 metros including in Germany... my home country... and we help executives with all the things required to grow globally ESPECIALLY finding customers across metros and borders. Join us - and we have events, too ;-)

    All the best, Doug

  • 24 Mar 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    A business delegation from Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico arrived in Phoenix and were greeted at the home of Ken Smith, Honorary Consul of Chile. Thank you Ken for hosting the event and inviting members of Global Chamber®. Ken has been practicing law in Mesa for over 30 years. He is Honorary Consul of Chile and Vice Chair of the Consular Corps of Arizona.

    Ken is fluent in Spanish and is clearly committed to increasing trade and investment across borders.

    The reception was held for Hermosillo Mayor Manuel "Maloro" Acosta and 20 of the most well established, respected and influential businessmen from the State of Sonora, Mexico. Their purpose in coming to Arizona was to make contacts and form relationships to do business. One guest was interested in exploring a new airline from Guadalajara to Gateway... and each visitor was clearly committed to finding new business opportunities.

    Attendees were from the following fields: Energy, Mining, Real Estate Development, Agriculture, Solar Power, Construction, Biomedical Research, Technology and Communication, Meat Producers, Industrial Parks and many more. 

    Guests from the AZ side included the Hon. Claudia Franco, General Consul of Mexico in Arizona. Also several members of the Consular Corps were present including Gerrit Steenblik (of Polsinelli) for France. Mike Patterson of Polsinelli donated the music and even sang a few songs... in Spanish of course.

    See pictures at the Facebook page for Global Chamber® Phoenix HERE

    Hermosillo and Phoenix are Sister Cities and that is undoubtedly one of the reasons that the cultural, business and friendship connection is so strong.

    Thank you globies from Global Chamber for attending... including Mike Patterson and Gerrit Steenblik of Polsinelli, Consul Emeritus of Honduras Tony Banegas, Ricardo Gallego of Gallego Advisors, Luis Parra of Parra Law Offices (pictured, left), Eduardo Gonzalez of ProMexico.

    Great meetings and discussions! Let's do more business!

    Global Chamber® is in Mexico including a chapter ramping up in Hermosillo. See more HERE on Global Chamber® Hermosillo.

    Contact us for more information to get connected.

  • 19 Mar 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    On Friday City of Surprise arranged a tour for Global Chamber member of the new IRIS USA manufacturing plan. What a treat!

    IRIS USA is a leading manufacturer of high-quality storage products. They have built a strong worldwide reputation through continual product innovation and an everyday commitment to solving consumers' storage needs. The company is headquartered globally in Sendai, Japan. The founder K. Ohyama, President of IRIS Ohyama inc., the parent company, is growing the firm worldwide.

    On the manufacturing side we can provide new insights on high quality processes and automation. The team at IRIS shared was completely transparent on their products and processes in the state-of-the-art facility in Surprise.

    The facility is located in a Foreign Trade Zone area and that, plus a strong workforce, a rail line and support by City of Surprise Economic Development leaders has led to a wonderful business success story.

    Congratulations to City of Surprise and the entire region for adding IRIS USA to the roles of successful companies manufacturing here, Special thanks to Jeanine Jerkovic of City of Surprise and your team for arranging the tour and follow-up event at the baseball game.

    Thanks also to Kelly Moeur, Honorary Consul for Japan for participating... and Eduardo Gonzalez of ProMexico.... along with all our other members.

    And thank you to IRIS USA for sharing with Global Chamber members your own success story. The intent was to have only 10 attendees and so thank you for letting a few more of us attend! We really enjoyed it! We hope you'll be attending our 'Welcome to Phoenix' special event on May 16th at Tiffany & Bosco... and we'll follow-up with you on that.

    To our Global Chamber Phoenix and Tucson members attending... that was fun! For all our members, watch for more opportunities like this.

    Contact me for more information.

    All the best, Doug Bruhnke

    ps... pictured above... molding machines, fully automated. Pictured below.... member Rick Sagritalo of Liberty Trade Empire touring part of the warehouse.

    pps... more pictures in facebook HERE for IRIS USA and HERE for the spring training game in Surprise that followed! Another day in paradise, Surprise, AZ.

    • Doug Bruhnke Thank you to the Honorable Kelly Moeur and to Eduardo Gonzalez of ProMexico. Also thank you to Jeanine Jerkovic at City of Surprise and to the team at IRIS USA.
      1 year ago
  • 13 Mar 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    The Maricopa SBDC is launching its new Global Dreams Export Development Program to support small business.

    The kick off to the program is April 5 with the first of a five session workshop series. As a strategic initiative for the Maricopa/Arizona SBDC and SBDC’s around the country, helping small business develop and succeed with their export initiatives is critical.

    The image below describes the five-part Global Dreams workshop series that begins April 5.

    As the first series, the fee has been waived for all participants!

    Thanks in advance and do not hesitate to contact me, Tom Fulcher if I may answer any questions.


  • 15 Mar 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    One of our favorite happenings at Global Chamber is "League of Extraordinaries', for members only. We gather 12-15 top service providers in the region each time who are working with global and growing companies from a variety of professions... banking, legal, commercial real estate, coaching, consulting, marketing, accounting, insurance, financial services, logistics, ... and discuss how we each help them, what help we're each looking for, and how we can help each other.

    It turns out that to provide value for executives in companies growing cross metro and cross border... you need to be EXTRAORDINARY. And so hence the name... it is a LEAGUE of extraordinary service providers who help these firms, and at our meeting, help each other connect to more opportunities. After all, if you're a banker working with a great company, the executives at that company need other help... with intellectual property, or commercial property, or something. Why not refer a member of the global tribe... it's win-win-win.

    At a typical League of Extraordinaries we gather in an office, at a Country Club or some other venue, and we circle the room with each person sharing information that helps others understand their business, who they work with, and who they know. The more we share the better chances we'll build trust with each other to add business referral connections.

    In the photo above is Ricardo Gallego of Gallego & Associates who participated in our most recent League of Extraordinaries in Metro Phoenix yesterday. Ricardo is an attorney with deep experience helping companies expand into Mexico from the U.S., and so in the meeting he shared more about how he helps his clients, and how he can help the global tribe. For example Ricardo has been extensively involved in cross-border adoptions, and while that is not the focus of his business any longer, he has connections all over Mexico, and in that area that can help our members in many ways. And so that's how it works... we help each other... grow business.

    Jennifer Clack of Wells Fargo Bank was another attendee this time... and she talked about not only the international services that Wells Fargo provides, but an event Global Chamber Phoenix is doing with the on April 5th to help executives be more successful. Each one of our attendees is extraordinary!

    It takes a village, and we are the global tribe. Be global and UNSTOPPABLE!

    In Metro Phoenix we meet as part of the League of Extraordinaries every 6-8 weeks. Watch the calendar, and if you're a member... jump in!

    Contact me for more information. Watch for the calendar for the next League of Extraordinaries in your metro.


  • 06 Mar 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    Our "Global Career Roundtable" meeting by Global Chamber Phoenix is an efficient way to connect to cross-border and global business opportunities.

    Our members meet regularly to discuss companies in Metro Phoenix who value consultants and leaders who have a global mindset and unique global growth skills.

    This week we met on Saturday morning to share what each globie is looking for and to help each other. There is nothing that the global tribe can't do! More photos HERE

    There were several new members who we welcomed to the global tribe including Justin Harrison of Sojourn Flights. Welcome Justin from New York City, landed in Phoenix... he is rapidly on his way to connecting with other globies including an important hospitality event today.

    In today's world, it's imperative to be connected. You may have noticed that cold calls don't work, more than ever. People are busy, and so we only get each others' attention through warm introductions that slow things down for a moment and allow people to talk and learn more.

    We work hard to understand each member and what they're looking to accomplish, and assist them with the connections they need to grow. Our warm intros are carefully considered so that both parties ideally benefit. That's why there's such a high meeting rate from our intros... we don't throw people together. There is considerable thought involved.

    Thank you to the global tribe for supporting each other and Global Chamber.

    Interested to grow your business or your personal career with companies that are doing cross-border or global business? Reach out for more info.

  • 06 Mar 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    We were treated to a pretty spectacular review on cybersecurity, with a tour of the world-class data center at Phoenix NAP. Thank you Ian McClarty (pictured) of Phoenix NAP and Edward Vasko of Terra Verde for information that was both frightening but also reassuring... that you you're on top of these most current threats.

    My main take-away was that the world of cybersecurity has been turned upside down in the last 2 years. The threats are accelerating, and the cost of being hacked is rising.

    Ransomware, e-mail hacking and BPC are accelerating threats that can cost a company on average between a few thousand dollars, to $40K, to over $1 million.

    Too many companies are M&M's... easy to crack outside... soft inside... and hackers know that. Their tricks are legend including dropping thumbdrives in a company's parking lot and when an employee uses one, it's over. More companies need to be Jolly Ranchers and not M&M's... hard all the way through to penetrate.

    The presentation is available to members by sending an e-mail to me HERE.

    By the way, Phoenix NAP is growing! They've recently announced expansion in Serbia and Singapore. We were joined by a team from Serbia who is returning from Phoenix to Belgrade in April.