• 24 May 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    Our advisory board met this week... thank you all... in person, on zoom and in spirit.

    This talented group consists of insightful business leaders advising Global Chamber® Phoenix to better help companies and communities increase international trade... exporting, importing, foreign tourism and foreign direct investment.

    We meet 3 times per year, and after two meetings this year we're getting close to fully filling the committees with advisory board members and chapter members. If you're NOT part of the board and wish to be part of any of the committees listed below, please send an e-mail to Doug here.

    Thank you Kevin Hull, Karla Moran, John Bevell and Don Becka for stepping into board leadership roles.

    We're looking for additional advisory board members for the 'TBD' lead roles shown below in the agenda. Board members are NOT required to be on a committee. You are only required to be amazing from time to time, and donate what you can - time, talent and treasury.

    In the meantime, here is a picture of some of the board with Olga Yakunina and Arzhana Matova, visiting Fellows from Moscow and Altai Republic, Russia, respectively (center, front - right and left). They presented extraordinarily outstanding analyses of the entrepreneurial and export eco-systems in metro Phoenix in contract with 4 other metros... San Francisco, Baltimore-DC, Denver and Dallas. If you're a member and wish to see either of those, please let me know!




    • Welcome and Introduction
    • Short Update on Global Chamber® and Global Chamber® Phoenix
    • Initiatives 2017-18
    • Committees / Committee Reports
      • Education - John Bevell +
      • Programs/Initiatives - Kevin Hull +
      • Marketing - Karla Moran +
      • Membership - TBD +
      • Young Global Leaders = TBD +
      • Global Business Council - Helping AZ Firms Connect Globally - TBD +
      • Arizona Business Council - Helping Foreign Firms in AZ - TBD +
    • Report on Phoenix Innovation Ecosystem by Olga Yakunina, Moscow Agency of Innovation
    • Report on Export Ecosystem by Arzhana Matova, Agency of Investment Projects, Republic of Altai
    • Upcoming Events and Opportunities
    • Next Steps

    Watch for more on the committees in a separate post.

    The next Advisory Board meeting for Global Chamber® Phoenix is September 26th, 3:15pm. These are for advisory board members and active committee members.

    If that's a bad day/time for you, please let me know immediately..

    Here's our extraordinary board... thank you ALL! Click here

    Thank you!!

    Doug Bruhnke

    CEO/founder of Global :Chamber®

    Executive Director of Global Chamber® Phoenix

  • 17 May 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    Global Chamber® collaborated with our regional partners across the metro to gather new global companies who have landed in the Valley and host them for a much deserved 'welcome'. Welcome to the Valley!

    Thank you to many in the Consular Corps of AZ for participating in this special event including the Honorable Chairman Alfred Molina (Spain), Hank Marshall (UK), Rose Novaes (Brazil), Reggie Winssinger (Belgium) and Wolfgang Klien (Austria).

    This event was hosted by Tiffany & Bosco at their office at 2525 E Camelback. See pictures on the Global Chamber Phoenix facebook HERE and all the pics HERE.

    We had executives from companies from the following countries... Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Canada, China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Finland, Germany, Ghana, India, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Turkey and the UK.

    Any time Alfredo Molina speaks there are educational take-aways! Besides learning how to make the woman in your life happy through tips embedded in the acronym C.U.R.E., we heard about the power of YES. YES is liberating, powerful and opportunity-generating. Never say 'no' - and things change for the better! Thank you Alfredo! And stop by Molina Fine Jewelers at 32nd and Camelback anytime for more jewels of wisdom.

    This was an inaugural event for this type of welcoming, and at our advisory board meeting next Tuesday we'll be more fully forming the committee that will work with these companies that have landed in the metro.. If you'd like to be part of that activity, please let me (Doug) know.

    And i'm confident after the success of this one that there will be a 'second annual' version!


  • 16 May 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    Global Chamber® Phoenix was pleased to once again collaborate with Phoenix CEO-CFO Group to create one of the best high-level business networking events of the year in Metro Phoenix. And the Diamondbacks beat the Pirates, too, 2-1 behind a Zach Greinke 1-hitter, and a no-hitter into the 8th inning.

    A fun and rewarding experience was had by all! Pictured - Kevin Hull of BMO Harris Bank enjoying the game with major league baseball game first timers Olga Yakunina, Moscow Agency of Innovation, and Arzhana Matova, Agency of Investment, Altai Republic, Russia. Arzhana picked up a ball hit high into our centerfield area during batting practice! Olga and Arzhana are working at Global Chamber® headquarters as part of a U.S. State Department fellowship program.

    Once again the business networking was outstanding - with CEOs, CFOs and other executives... and high level business service providers from across the region.

    There was also a Presentation "The Business of Beer" with Neil Baier, VP Finance - Crescent Crown Distributing.

    Thank you to so many Global Chamber® members and globies for attending! That was fun... and hopefully everyone made plenty of great connections.

    Special thanks to Michael Swicscz for pulling off another great annual event.

    See you in 2018!

  • 15 May 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has proclaimed May 2017 as “Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month.” 

    This annual May recognition was first established by an act of Congress in 1990 to celebrate and pay tribute to the contributions that generations of Asian/Pacific Americans have made to American history, society and culture. This month, the state of Arizona recognizes and honors the significant contributions made by Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders in many fields of endeavor including entrepreneurship and business, science and technology, health care and medicine, military service, agriculture, education, the arts (visual, music, culinary, etc.), law and the professions and public service which has benefited the state and nation.

    Barry Wong, JD

    Executive Director

    Governor’s Office of Equal Opportunity | State of Arizona



  • 07 May 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    The Phoenix-Tucson "Global Career Roundtable" happened on Saturday. We do these on the weekend because often members who attend are busy during the week with full time employment or consulting work... and so Saturday is a good day for most of us.

    We gather as part of an efficient way to connect on cross-border and global business opportunities.

    In today's world, increasingly person-to-person connections provide the entry to global jobs and consulting projects that 'fit' for our globie members. We work hard to understand each member and what they're looking to accomplish so that we can assist them with the connections they need to grow.

    Our warm intros - at roundtables and one-on-one-0n-one are carefully considered so that all parties benefit.

    Thank you to the global tribe for supporting each other and Global Chamber.

    Interested to grow your business or your personal career with companies that are doing cross-border or global business?

    Reach out for more info.