• 23 Jul 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    Global Chamber® last week hosted 5 global business leaders from the C-Suite to discuss the world of global growth... keeping up, staying ahead and growing in today's fast-changing environment.

    The 90-minute event covered challenges faced these leaders and how they are handling them. They provided tips to other business owners and leaders as they navigate their own market opportunities.

    They were from a diverse group of companies across segments including fintech, importing, retail, sustainability, services, construction, industrial and exporting.

    Kyle Walker and Rudy Vetter represent leadership in EB-5... foreign direct investment in projects primarily in Washington, DC and Arizona.

    You can listen to their global leadership and management insights at the link HERE, and see all the scheduled speaker biographies as well.

    • Nazri Muhd, CEO at Vector Scorecard and MyFinB (Singapore)
    • Claudio Toyama, CEO at Toyama & Company (Baltimore/Washington)
    • Richard Robertson, COO at SEER, Strategic Environmental & Energy Resources (Denver)
    • Rudy Vetter for Kyle Walker, NewGen Worldwide and Green Card Fund; IIUSA (Invest In the USA) (Phoenix)
    • Allen Bassett, President at New Mexico Pinion Coffee Company (Albuquerque)

    Global Chamber® is now hosting 3 multi-metro events per month, and we have over 20 already planned for the rest of the year. Sign=up for our weekly newsletter and join as a member to get full benefit of being in the global tribe!

    Contact me with any questions... thank you! Doug Bruhnke



  • 15 Jul 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    Members of the global tribe gathered at U.S. Senator Jeff Flake's office in Phoenix to share thoughts and ideas on NAFTA. Overall we're interested to get expert exporter, importer, tourism and investment input into the process of NAFTA re-negotiation.

    Thank you Chris Stoller of Senator Flake's office for including Global Chamber in this process.

    Thank you Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for inviting us to collaborate in this discussion.

    Thank you to our members who participated including Russ Yelton of Pinnacle Transplant Technology, Luis Ramirez of Ramirez Advisors and Mike Patterson of Polsinelli.

    Thank you Council Member Lorenzo Sierra (Avondale) for your leadership in government and trade.

    Gonzalo of AzHCC summarized our discussion at the end... and I'm sure this will not be the last opportunity for globies to provide input.

    Are you open to give input on trade and economic development? Members may join our Advisory Board Committees to make connections and give back to the community. Contact Don Becka, me or any of the committee chairs to learn more. Advisory Board members lead committees, and you must be a member to be on a committee.

    • Program and Events - Kevin Hull of BMO Harris Bank
    • Marketing - Karla Moran of SRP
    • Education - John Bevell of Thunderbird School of Global Management
    • Ambassador - Kevin Youngblood / Mike Langley / Doug Bruhnke, co-chairs
    • Global Trade Policy - Carol Colombo of USTR
    • Business Attraction Committee - Anita Verma-Lallian of Vermaland
    • Exporter/Importer Committee - Doug Bruhnke
    • Young Global Leaders - Susana Martinez, Maricopa Association of Governments

    We have comparable committees forming in Tucson as well - contact JP Martin of Global Chamber Tucson for more information.

    We also suggest that you attend the August 24th event "Arizona Town Hall on Funding PreK-12 Education with the Global Tribe"... and make your (global) voice heard to improve education in the state. Read HERE for more about 8/24.


    NAFTA and Trade Discussion, July 14, 2017

    Senator Jeff Flake, Arizona



  • 11 Jul 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    We're pleased to announce that Mike Langley has joined the worldwide team of Global Chamber® as Deputy Director, Global Chamber® Phoenix. Mike will be supporting the rapid growth of the chapter by handling many of the new members as they come on, helping to ensure success.

    Welcome, Mike!

    Mike has been connecting with early, mid-career, and senior-level professionals and executives regarding their business and career development needs.. Mike’s experience spans socioeconomic strata and has led him to work with individuals in various international markets, including Canada, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, France, Gambia, India, Ireland, Jamaica, Mexico, Poland, and Zimbabwe.

    Mike loves the business environment of Phoenix!

    Originally from the East Coast, Mike believes in living and working in a diverse environment to create a catalyst for individual and organization success.. Mike’s commitment to excellence and public good found him recognized by the Miami Foundation for the Jacki Tuckfield Memorial Award - given to those who foster intellectual wealth building and economic prosperity. Mike moved to Arizona after a 15-year stint in Miami with the sole purpose of supporting the surrounding communities by deepening relationships.

    Mike is active in both his personal and professional life and collaborates with several organizations throughout Arizona that focus on creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and business leaders.

    Please help me welcome Mike to Global Chamber® Phoenix!

    Education: EMBA, The University of Arizona;  / BA English, University of Miami

    Boards: University of Miami, Phoenix Chapter / Board of Advisors, Global Chamber® Phoenix

    Member: Global Chamber® Phoenix, Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, Valley Young Professionals, NBMBAA Phoenix

    Past Affiliations: Eller MBA Alumni Club of Maricopa County, Eller MBA Industry Advisory Board, Arizona Association for Economic Development, Society of Human Resource Management Greater Phoenix, Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, Switchboard Inc.

    Contact: Email Mike at

  • 06 Jul 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    Jagat Shah "Mentor on Road" visited Global Chamber® and shared some extraordinary information to the global tribe.

    Thank you Jagat for your enthusiasm, information and connections to opportunities. He is shown on the left talking about his NEXT road trip around India in April, 2018. You can't keep a road warrior dedicated to helping companies grow down., or still.

    Very exciting!

    For attendees and others looking for the information and connections, please reach out and let know HERE.

    The information was rapid fire and here are a few notes that I put down that illustrate the HUGE potential for companies in the US for growing their business in India. Jagat has shared his presentation to us - thank you!

    I encourage our members to learn more... and to take advantage of some very special opportunities happening now as India ramps up rapidly. The country has become a safe haven for good investments and the government has been working on historical trade issues.

    Some interesting economic facts on India:

    • India is the youngest country in the world... over half the population is under 25 years old.
    • India has had the highest amount of Foreign Direct Investment of any country in the world... for 2 years running... more than China and the US.
    • Third largest military in the world.
    • Highly literate population - 74% with a goal of 99% by 2025.
    • #1 market in the world for gold.
    • Over 90% of the world's diamonds are polished and processed in Surat, India.
    • 23 million automobiles were produced last year in India - the world's #1 production country
    • The tech sector includes aerospace... and last year India launched 100 satellites concurrently... 15 from the US.
    • The satellite program was led primarily by 3 women at the top... further indicating the opportunities for women leaders.
    • There are 50 new sea ports being built across the country.
    • 100 million home are being built... the largest initiative of its kind in the world

    Opportunities are endless! Thank you Jagat for sharing the macro information and also stories of individual entrepreneurs succeeeding... like the American company making personalized door mats made from cocoa fiber, with 25% of profits going back and helping young women in India. Win-win.

    Check out the background on 'Mentor on Road' HERE and pictures from the event in facebook HERE.

    Contact us for more information and opportunities. Jagat's next stops at Global Chamber are in San Francisco 8/11 and Pittsburgh 9/11.

    Doug Bruhnke

    Executive Director, Global Chamber® Phoenix

    CEO/founder, Global Chamber®