• 19 Aug 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    Global Chamber connects you to opportunities worldwide!

    At several chapters we held another Women in Global Leadership event that included extraordinary woman leaders in Mumbai, Phoenix, San Francisco and Salt Lake City.

    People attended in-person and virtually from everywhere in the world from the comfort of their laptop, tablet and smart phone.

    Thank you speakers and attendees. That was fun!

    We wrote an article HERE based on something that Lisa Cox in Salt Lake City said... "Don't be afraid of who you are". There are plenty of times when any of us don't 'fit' into the group as cleanly and clearly as the majority, but that doesn't mean that we need to lose our individuality. Know your circumstance and seek opportunities to embrace, celebrate and share who you are.

    Never be afraid of who you are. Speak out. Push forward.

    Changes we make across borders accelerates change in metros and countries worldwide.

    "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

    Read more HERE

  • 08 Aug 2017 by Doug Bruhnke


    Today was going to be a really good day, but it turned into a really bad one.

    Lunch was reserved for Lee Knowlton, SVP of Global Sales & International at Massage Envy. I waited and texted. No answer. But then a call... from the team at Massage Envy.

    Lee had passed away.

    Lee Knowlton was the 2nd speaker we ever had 10 years ago, well before Global Chamber became Global Chamber... and his grasp of international business even back then was outstanding. He was a natural.

    I've often explained that his presentation that day remains one of the top ones we've ever heard in these last 10 years.

    When Lee left Coldstone Creamery for a franchise that was US-focused I told him several times that he needed to get back to international... the world needed him.

    He came back to global expansion with Massage Envy and he's been making great progress. We've been honored to be working with him and his team on global expansion.

    The folks at Massage Envy are talented and they'll push forward. In the meantime we're all in a state a shock that someone so young, vibrant and talented that we cared about so much is gone. Lee was an original, and he can't be replaced.

    Today is a really bad day, and I sure wish that lunch was yesterday.

    Now it'll have to wait. He will be very much missed.

    Our deepest condolences to Lee's family and friends.

    It's a tragedy on many levels.


    ps 8/15/17. After writing this summary, some stories came out in the press about Lee's passing, and it's tragic. I wasn't there, and chances are unless you're his parents, you weren't there either. So we don''t know what really happened. I personally respect their privacy and send my deepest condolences. It doesn't change how I interacted with Lee and that he was a good and decent person with me and our team.


  • 06 Aug 2017 by Doug Bruhnke


    Last month I was talking to a member of Global Chamber® Dallas who when he was in Phoenix years ago was a long-time supporter and eventual member of Global Chamber® through Atradius. He talked about those early days... including the great people, the business deals that came out of meetings, and some good times.

    The global tribe in metro Phoenix is a beautiful collective group of really smart and connected folks doing business here and in other cities and countries. I love you all - thank you for your support! Many of the services we provide here and around the world were hatched right here in metro Phoenix.

    One is 'League of Extraordinaries', where we gather members who are service providers to share ideas to increase the success of exporters, importers and investors. This is something we do all over the world, building a global network that helps each other and helps executives in the global tribe grow and prosper. We still do League of Extraordinaries about every 6-8 weeks in Phoenix... and the next one in PHX is August 28th.

    Check out all our regional events HERE.

    Most folks still don't understand global business or know about Global Chamber®, but we're making an impact every day... growing in 525 metro areas around the world, inspired by extraordinary members like Jean Ekobo, CEO of BioNovelus, based in Metro Phoenix.

    Jean is a global entrepreneur improving coffee yields across the globe with a product that addresses 'coffee rust'. Jean visited our San Jose chapter and made connections that helped him grow his business, and so he just renewed his membership because the world is a big place, and we help!

    Members... keep inspiring us!!

    Not yet a member? Read below, and join us to grow!

    Some successes in other metros that have benefited from the metro Phoenix global tribe...

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    Contact Doug Bruhnke or Mike Langley at Global Chamber® Phoenix for more information.

    And to the tribe... let's keep forging ahead and creating new tracks in the desert.