• 13 Nov 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    We’re pleased to share Enlightened Growth Leadershipâ„ , an initiative by Global Chamber® to help organizations build the leadership capacity they need to grow across metros and across borders, anywhere they wish to grow around the world. 

    Our initiative is designed to leverage the power of people within the organization across all spectrums of unique backgrounds, both women and men, and to accelerate growth and to enhance business performance. A pilot program is starting in 15 chapters of Global Chamber®, and we encourage you to get involved as a participant, sponsor, or both.

    The advancement of professionals and executives has always been at the core of Global Chamber. Thirty years ago a Korean-American professional approached me to help her get a position at DuPont-Korea, and despite my best efforts, they told us 'NO - there is no place for a woman in our customer-facing organization'. Then 20 years ago I fought and eventually implemented having an 'office lady' in a Dupont joint venture's Osaka office to be in sales. The office leaders told me 'no one at Toyota will ever by from a woman', and of course she became their best salesperson." Then 10 years ago a man in a prominent political family stood up in a room in Phoenix and told us that we need to 'keep foreigners ouf of Arizona because they take our jobs', and the Global Chamber inspiration came alive. We will not keep foreigners out of Arizona, and we will not keep capable business out of executive suites and board rooms - because all capable people should be empowered to grow their companies across the city, across metros and around the world.

    The three components of Enlightened Growth Leadershipâ„  are shared below with more details of how to get involved. 

    1. Events. Each participating chapter will hold events on a regular basis and at least twice per year on topics pertinent to educating and inspiring members to achieve more. The first event is ‘Women in Global Leadership’, and a second event is “Diversity in Global Leadership’. Chapter may choose additional topics consistent with member needs and interests. 

    2. Mentoring. Participants who are members of Global Chamber® will be matched up with mentors that fit the requirements they feel are needed for their own personal development. Considerations will be geography, market segment, gender, experience, personality and more, and progress will be documented.

    3. Consulting and Certification. Participants and organizations seeking additional support beyond events and mentoring to create a more productive and diverse team will have the option to further engage experts within the membership of Global Chamber® for additional progress.

    Our goals are to… 

    •    Provide women and all leaders the information and mentoring they can use to optimize their own career and support their organizations.

    •    Create a more diverse and respectful workplace that at the same time nurtures innovation, productivity and success.

    •    Form a community of enlightened leaders to provide feedback and be a source of inspiration and hope for all leaders of all types.

    •    Advance the success of members of Global Chamber®.

    Read more at this link, and watch for more in the coming days.

    We are uniquely qualified to have a most positive impact for companies and leaders because Global Chamber® is in hundreds of locations across every culture, we're focused on business and personal growth, many of our members are experts in this area and we're passionate about seeing everyone in the global tribe succeed.

    The historical changes happening in the workplace today are making our efforts most timely.

    Join us!

    Doug Bruhnke, CEO/founder of Global Chamber and Executive Director, Global Chamber Phoenix

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  • 11 Nov 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    By Moses Koyabe, member of Global Chamber®

    The 2nd Arizona UAS Summit & Expo organized by Aerospace Arizona Association in partnership with the AUVSI Saguaro Chapter occurred this week.  The event brought together experts, industry, academia, legislature and policy makers, military, first responders and disaster relief, regional business leaders and economic developers to highlight emerging trends shaping the unmanned aircraft systems industry on the international, national and regional levels.

    Aerospace Arizona Association Chair Mignonne Hollis and ADEC member Moses Koyabe teamed up to host a variety of dignitaries among whom were AZ Senator Bob Worsley, Chair of the Transportation Committee and AUVSI CEO Brian Wynne from Washington DC.

    Conducted November 6-8, 2017 in Mesa, Arizona, the event assembled more than 120 attendees and offered access into the impressive UAS ecosystem in our region, opened up visits to our ASU Poly Campus at Mesa Gateway and created networking opportunities designed for decision makers currently or potentially linked to UAS.

    With more than 1,200 aerospace companies and the largest government-based UAS center in the world located in Arizona, the Southwest’s role in furthering the breakout of commercial UAS activity or the continuation of mission critical UAS operations is primed to expand.

    As organizers for this event, we are driving to stimulate and accelerate local activities and out of state partnerships that will feed into various economic markets.

    Moses Koyabe

  • 08 Nov 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    It's our birthday... we turned 3 years old... and we start our 4th year.

    Thank you global tribe! We're here because of your support. Read more.

    We celebrate the business growth of our members. From Surprise to Apache Junction, and Anthem to Florence, metro Phoenix continues to swell with companies reaching to new markets, new metros and new countries. Congratulations to you!!

    And of course much more can be done, and we're here to support your growth across our metro area, to other metro areas and across borders around the world.

    Thank you to all the globies who came out to our happy hour on Friday!

    There were many folks who we haven't seen for a while - and that's great! Thanks for reengaging! And of course thanks as always to our diligent global tribe, like Kevin Hull of BMO Harris Bank, Jennifer Clack of Wells Fargo Bank, Steve Shefveland of Emerging Global, the amazing Kevin Youngblood, and so many more.

    Thank you all!

    Next up... we're rolling out an 'enlightened growth leadership' initiative in the coming weeks to help companies grow more effectively and successfully.  Read more.

    And we have a variety of events including the 11/16 meeting on global climate change, the 11/18 global career roundtable (members only) and the 11/21 New Opportunities in Europe. As a member you may also engage by joining one of our advisory board committees - let's talk about what's the right one for you. Contact us.