• 10 Apr 2018 by Doug Bruhnke

    Congratulations to Val Macias (Val-Ma Enterprises) and Indira Jeffrey (iGlobal Business Consulting) for a successful first International Trade Masters Series event at Crescent Crown distributing yesterday in Mesa.

    Wow! Great speakers, great content and wonderful overall!

    Val and Indira started the International Trade Master Series... where trade leaders from around the region discuss ways to accelerate success across metros and borders. These dynamic leaders promote international trade including customs, exports, imports, trade marks, exports’ insurance, networking and the trade between Mexico and the US. 

    Because International Trade includes several areas, each participant mentioned at least one success story to emphasize why it is important for a business to be aware of the latest best practices - and to advance their business.

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    We're proud to have members like Val and Indira who understand and advance global trade.

    Below... one of the speakers Eduardo Gonzalez of Promexico, discussing accelerating success in Mexico.