• 29 Sep 2018 by Doug Bruhnke

    This Friday there was a full house in attendance for an Aerospace & Defense Forum update on key market activities in Arizona.

    Congratulations to our member Joanna Moore for organizing this important discussion! Global Chamber was pleased to attend and support.

    Thank you member Spencer Fane as well... and the one and only Mike Patterson... for hosting. They are located in the Esplanade, near 24th and Camelback.

    Connect to Mike and Joanna for opportunities in this market segment. Or contact Global Chamber and we'll plug you in anywhere.

    Watch for more information from Joanna on future events.

    And Mike is hosting our 4th Anniversary reception on November 1st... sign up  HERE.

    All the best, Doug Bruhnke


  • 29 Sep 2018 by Doug Bruhnke

    Doc Jones hosted a private party at Molina Fine Jewelers this week with members of Global Chamber and other supporters of the initiative.

    Many, many thanks to the one and only Alfredo Molina for catering and hosting the reception. It was grand as only Alfredo can do.

    Thank you to Mayor Jim Lane and many others who came out to enjoy the evening of jazz, wine, food and friends.

    Next: everyone interested in supporting Arizona International Jazz Day please contact Doc Jones HERE. He will appreciate your support!

    Are you a member who missed this and would have liked to attend? Contact me and we'll make sure you're in on future private events.

    Are you a non-member of Global Chamber? Jump in when you can to grow your business across metros and borders, and to connect with amazing people like this.

    Thank you members for your support and collaboration!

    Congratulations Doc on the launch... and we look forward to supporting your success in 2019.

    Doug Bruhnke at



  • 19 Sep 2018 by Doug Bruhnke

    We were treated to a wonderful presentation and discussion on exporting and success in a Phoenix metro family business.

    Our special thanks to President Riad Nizam for sharing the journey by Master Electronics of exporting from one to many dozens of countries. We learned that their international business experience has been challenging and exciting, and ultimately rewarding and full of additional opportunities.

    'Make everything personal," said Riad Nizam, President of Master Electronics. Riad's worldwide team works hard to understand their clients and make their experience as good as it can be. His father started the business 40 years ago and they are approaching US$300 million in revenue, with a sizable amount of their business as exports. Over half of their website hits are from around the world, and sales are catching up to those percentages.

    UPS has played an important role in helping not only with shipping but also in the redesign of their e-commerce warehouse.

    Thank you to Squire Patton Boggs for hosting the event at Cityscape. And special thanks to UPS for collaborating on this event.

    Read more below about Riad. And included are a few pictures from the event. If you'd like more information, please let me know.

    Riad Nizam is the President of Master Electronics, a family-owned business celebrating over 50 years as a leading top quality electronic components distributor.  Riad received his B.S. from UC Santa Barbara, in Business/Economics and has over 15 years of increasing career level experience in the industry. His sales-driven background consistently inspires new, visionary solutions for customers and suppliers, all while encouraging an entrepreneurial mindset with his team members. Riad is an active member of YPO, pursuing a lifelong commitment to learning, developing impactful business relationships, and fostering global expansion for Master Electronics. Riad loves traveling with his wife and children to new places all around the world. He currently resides in the Phoenix area with his family.



  • 04 Sep 2018 by Doug Bruhnke

    It was a privilege being invited by the McCain family to attend the Celebration of Life Service this week representing my home country of El Salvador and as Executive Director of the Consular Corps of Arizona .
    Senator McCain visited El Salvador five times with Presidents Reagan, Bush father and son, and President Obama.
    When I asked him  on several occasions what he liked the best of the country, he always remarked ... "the hearts of the people."

    Meeting Larry Fitzgerald  and listening to his eulogy remarks that were powerful  brought to my mind the recent Fountain Hills local elections

    In our community. There is no reason why the anger factor and sometimes hatred in our community can’t be nullified so we can all work together for a better and higher level of excellence and tranquility in our community.

    Throughout all of the eulogies delivered the clear message was for a better world full of friendship a stronger level of compromise and respect to one another .

    Clearly we are not the only community that unfortunately suffers from the hostility of some residents, but now is the time to change and create a new beginning .

    It was an honor to attend the services of an individual who always respected and supported the 1.8 million Latinos in the State of Arizona and on behalf of Consular Corps of Arizona,


    Rest In Peace good friend.


    Enrique Melendez

    Honorary Consul of El Salvador


    Executive Director 

    Consular Corps of Arizona





  • 04 Sep 2018 by Doug Bruhnke

    Senator John McCain was a hero, living a life marked with courage and public service.

    He followed his father's example and served in the military, getting shot down and captured as a prisoner of war, refusing release until every soldier captured before him was let go first. Read more here. When he returned home after 5-1/2 years of imprisonment, he became a U.S. Senator known for being a 'Maverick', often doing what he thought was right regardless of his party's position, and being strong enough to admit mistakes. 

    Senator McCain created The McCain Institute, dedicated to advancing character-driven global leadership based on security, economic opportunity, freedom and dignity. Read more. 

    He was a larger-than-life leader, and no matter your politics, I encourage you to read more about Senator McCain's inspiring life of service here.

    "Nothing in life is more liberating than to fight for a cause larger than yourself, something that encompasses you, but is not defined by your existence alone." - Senator John McCain