• 26 Oct 2018 by Doug Bruhnke

    Our Young Global Leaders (YGL) Committee did an amazing job assembling the speakers and the audience for a discussion on the entrepreneurial career track for Young Global Leaders. Inspiring!! Anything is possible with the global tribe, young or young-at-heart.

    Thank you to Mike Patterson, Andy Anderson and the legal team at Spencer Fane for sponsoring this inaugural YGL event. Because of their sponsorship, non-members could attend for free! You and your team are GREAT!!

    Thank you Tina Sweis, Susana Martinez and Maryanne Riodique for organizing!

    And our panel was off 'da charts! Thank you, all! The discussion was right on point, and it was cool to see groups assembling after the panel to discuss key topics of being an entrepreneur. See some pictures below and on our Facebook page. Follow our chapter on Twitter, too.

    Watch for more on the next Young Global Leader event being planned for February, 2019. And in the meantime, jump into a weekly globinar or another event by Global Chamber or one of our collaborators. More HERE.

    Oue panel included...

    • Aram Chavez - Teacher, Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering
    • Hector Placencia - Director and Co-Founder at BRH2
    • Karen Mildenhall - CEO/President KM Leadership Solutions
    • Nima Sadeghian - Owner of JAHAN Collection
    • Tina Sweis - Moderator; Social Impact Consultant


  • 16 Oct 2018 by Doug Bruhnke

    Thank you to the full house of globies on Friday at the 10th Annual Grow Globally Fair, with all the global resources, all together, one time per year. 

    You're amazing!

    We are in awe of ALL the global award winners, shown HERE. And we have a few pictures of some of the fun on Friday... see below. Congratulations everyone!! 

    Thank you to Chamber Business News for the write-up on several of our award winners HERE. And HERE are the award winners!

    Next up... Young Global Leaders on the 25th, and our 4th Anniversary Reception on the 1st. More HERE.

    Special thanks to Polsinelli for sponsoring! And thank you to Tommy Bahama Kierland for the gift basket! 


  • 15 Oct 2018 by Doug Bruhnke

    UPS has launched a Promo geared towards small businesses with fantastic discounts for international shipping - 40% off worldwide air and 20% US to Canada ground. In addition, there is 10% off all domestic shipments. 

    The promo is transactional based,  meaning that it is necessary to key in the Promo code “EXPORT” for each shipment. Read more. And for members of Global Chamber, access this special here.



  • 14 Oct 2018 by Doug Bruhnke

    Last Friday was the Grow Globally Fair Phoenix, it's all the global resources in Metro Phoenix, all together, one time per year.

    Thank you to Polsinelli for again being our platinum sponsor this year! And thank you Tommy Bahama Kierland for attending and supplying a gift basket that one lucky attendee won!

    The Global Chamber® "Grow Globally Fair' is a unique, annual trade fair event for exporters, importers and investors doing international business. At the fair we also share the global business awards for 2018, shown below. Congratulations to all the winners!


    2018 Global Awards

    Exporter: EyetechDS, Melinda Trego& Keith Jackson

    Exporter with Social Impact: Zero Mass Water, VinayakGupta

    Wealth Management: Pinnacle Financial Advisors, Lennardvan der Feltz

    Connector: Grant Doyle, Global Chamber® Calgary

    Logistics Leader: Ricardo Alcubierre, UPS

    Real Estate Leader: Anita Verma, Vermaland

    Banking Leader: Vince Thelander, Bank of America

    International Attorney: Hugh Hallman, Berry Riddell 

    Diplomat: Kelly Moeur, Honorary Consul General of Japan

    Business City: City of Peoria, Mayor Cathy Carlat, Rick Buss

    Government Leader: Suzanne Klapp, City of Scottsdale

    Collaborator: ATHENA International - Valley of the Sun, Kristine Quade

    Global Tribe Leaders of the Year: Barry Wong, State of Arizona, Jeanine Jerkovic, City of Surprise and LuisRamirez, Ramirez Advisors


    All the best, Doug


  • 06 Oct 2018 by Doug Bruhnke

    Thanks to our Board of Advisors and all our members in metro Phoenix for your support and collaboration!

    Regarding event planning, here are initial ideas for the end of the year and through the end of 2019.

    There are a variety of global business events, meetings and activities.

    First there are regular Advisory Board meetings, typically 3-4 times per year.

    Second we're kicking off Young Global Leaders (YGL) in parallel to other programming on October 25, 2018. These events can be helpful to connect to younger leaders in the community who may be at firms that may or may not be members yet.

    Often Global Chamber chapters do tours of global business organizations... and so there could be 2-3 of these per year.

    And we do collaborator events, and we're blessed to be working with a variety of outstanding regional organizations like binational chambers (SACC, GACC, etc), Promexico, Global Ties Arizona and many more.

    Invariably there are other global business event opportunities that come up all year long from our members, the consulates and other visitors to the metro..

    And Global Chamber has weekly globinars - for our members to tap in to the latest trends and tips on global business opportunities. Those happen in parallel to all the chapter activity described here.

    That's a lot!! Now here is a DRAFT of our event agenda for 4Q2018 and through 2019 of other events besides the ones above.

    Your thoughts? Let me know at

    Draft for Review 

    (Additional Events to Advisory Board, YGL, Tours, Collaborator Events, Other Opportunities and Weekly Globinars)

    October, 2018 GC-PHX: 10/12 Grow Globally Fair Phoenix and 10/25 YGL Panel

    November, 2018 GC-PHX: 11/1 Fourth Anniversary Reception at Spencer Fane

    December, 2018 GC-PHX: 12/6 Event on Asia 'In the Japanese Friendship Garden'

    January, 2019 GC-PHX: Exporter Panel / Theme - Financing Exports

    February, 2019 GC-PHX: International State of the Metro

    March, 2019 GC-PHX: Leveraging Diversity for Global Success

    April, 2019 GC-PHX: HOT New Global Markets

    May, 2019 GC-PHX: Exporter Panel / Theme - Legal Issues

    June, 2019 GC-PHX: Welcome Global Companies to Metro Phoenix

    July, 2019 GC-PHX: Women in Global Leadership

    August, 2019 GC-PHX: Exporter Panel / Theme - Marketing and Logistics

    September, 2019 GC-PHX: Grow Globally Fair Tucson

    October, 2019 GC-PHX: Grow Globally Fair Phoenix

    November, 2019 GC-PHX: Exporter Panel / Theme - TBA

    December, 2019 GC-PHX: Market Review in the Friendship Garden


    All the best, Doug